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Fogging Disinfecting Service

Fogging Disinfecting

About this service

– Use of a Fogging disinfectant

– Kills every pathogen tested including MRSA and Coronavirus strains

– Non carcinogenic process/disinfectant

– CDC approved disinfectant

– Safe near animals and plants

– Environmentally safe

– Leaves no harmful residue


Pathogen particles like viruses and bacteria are typically the reason that humans and animals catch illnesses. Studies performed in laboratories show that using fogging systems reduces and destroys pathogens. The reason for this is that fogging produces very small micro droplets that will float until landing on objects and covering them all around in a 360 direction.

Why fogging is better at disinfecting than traditional sprayers

Fogging produces a smaller adjustable droplet size which covers a lot more ground, the droplets attach itself all around objects. With conventional spraying you have to directly apply the spray the area you are cleaning. With fogging you spray the air and allow the particles to reach the entire room.

Conventional Sprayer Fogging
Droplet size 100-200 microns Adjustable droplet size between 5-50 microns

An electrostatic fogging treatment handles all of these types of issues

– Viruses and bacteria (Coronavirus, Norovirus, Flu, Influenza, Rotavirus etc..)

– Insects

– Fungi